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chris colfer + costumes

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Ear scratches

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so last night i had a dream that while i was at work, at this very desk, my computer got overtaken by this virus that made every window you opened show a really scary horror image like a creepy clown or like a chunk of body or something and it was terrifying 

and everyone was around my computer trying to figure out how it was happening and they were like well lets look at your history to see if its a virus and where it came from and i was like okay…..hold on just a sec and i frantically tried to erase my history but i couldn’t do it in time and they clicked on it and suddenly every smut fic i had ever read at work popped up onto the screen at once and then i got fired

will that stop me from being on tumblr and reading fic at work? nope

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why do people complain about a woman playing watson on elementary when a terrifying alien plays sherlock in sherlock

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Chris Evans talking about Captain America’s 1940’s setting.

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cuteanimalsandliberationtheology replied to your post“the worst kind of people are the people who get to sleep in on…”
not me I was up at 6:30
you and me………..we’re the good people
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Nailed it.


Nailed it.

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the worst kind of people are the people who get to sleep in on wonderful rainy days like this

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"Who’s Moriarty?"

"Is he gay?"

"He is gay!”

Oh, my God. Hit play. Now.

this is…hilarious.


That was hysterical. And as someone who totally was sure before I saw the show that they gay subtext people were talking about was completely exaggerated*, I relate.

* I was wrong about that.

I was telling a customer on my route (who is also a friend of a friend) that I was going to be in Atlanta for a fan convention for (mostly) BBC Sherlock, and he said, “Oh yeah, me and my wife love that show! ….they really play up the gay thing, don’t they?”


An anthem written from the depth of our souls.

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